Pool HeatersPool Heaters (Heat Pumps)

For single body of water pools (no attached spa) 

Heat pumps are ideal for heating pools where no solar heater is in place or where installing a solar heater would be labor intensive or impractical.  

There are even heat pumps that can cool your pool, such as the AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet is both a pool heater and a chiller that can keep your pool cool during the hot summer months and can keep it warm during the cold winter months. 

Pools with screen enclosures are also often several degrees colder than the ambient air temperature because of the shade effect of a screen enclosure. Adding a heater/chiller unit to a pool will make your pool always the right temperature for a swim summer, winter, and fall. 


Pool and Spa HeatersSpa Heaters (Gas Heaters) 

Spa’s typically need to be heated quickly from near ambient air temperature water up to temperatures as high as 104 degrees. Propane or Natural Gas heaters are far quicker at heating than heat pumps. This is why most spas have a gas heater in place to get the water up to temperature fast.  






Gas Pool HeaterCombined Pool and Spa Combo Water System 

Pool and Spa Combo Systems (Heat Pump, Gas Heater Combo System

Many newer pools have a spa with a waterfall that empties into the pool effectively sharing water between these two water systems. A combined pool/spa system ideally needs both a solar or heat pump to heat the pool to the desired temperature AND a gas heater to get the spa water temperature up to 100+ degrees as fast as possible for maximum convenience. There are many options for which products to use for a 2-heater system like this. An example would be a Jandy JE Heat Pump and a JXi Gas Heater, or a 2-in-1 device such as Pentair’s UltraTemp ETi Hybrid Gas AND Heat Pump System (depending on your plumbing)