Pool Chemical Treatment

Our swimming pool chemical treatment service is designed to maintain the quality of your pool water to provide safe and beautiful swimming conditions. We offer weekly and bi-weekly plans to keep your pool looking its best and balanced for maximum comfort.

Our Basic Chemical Treatment service includes all chemicals necessary to manage a Salt or Chlorine pool of up to 25,000 gallons for one month. Should your pool need additional chemicals, we offer several add-on services to address just about any need:

Extra Chemical Application

Because chlorine is less efficient at higher temperatures, we offer this service to add more chlorine to keep your pool from turning green.

Algaecide Supplement

We apply 2 algaecide products (alternate weeks) to help keep algae at bay and reduce chlorine demand in pools during the hotter months. Typically lasts 4 weeks.


Designed to prevent cloudy water, our Clarifier binds to suspended particles to make them easier for the pool filter to catch. Enjoy super clear sparkling water. Typically lasts 4 weeks.

Stain Sequestering Agent

Plant material that gets in your pool can leave brown stains on the pool floor. Our mineral and metal sequestering agent is an effective preventative and is less expensive than Stain Treatment. Typically lasts 4 weeks.