Pool RepairAs a licensed pool repair contractor, we can repair or replace all brands of pool equipment to keep your pool operating properly and make pool ownership as stress-free as possible. Our pool technicians are trained and licensed to perform pool repair and maintenance on most of the systems of your pool or spa. 


Leak Repair

Our leak detection and repair professionals use advanced microphone, camera, and radio technology to locate leaks in pools, spas, and connected water features and accessories. 


Pool Heater Repair

We service and repair all types of pool heaters including, Gas, Electric and Solar. 


Pool Pump Repair

Whether your pool uses a single speed, double speed, or variable speed or a Polaris or spa booster pump, we can repair or replace any brand or style of pool pump equipment.


Pool Filter Repair 

Our licensed pool repair technicians can repair or replace all brands and types of pool filtration equipment. Whether your pool uses Sand Filters, Cartridge Filters, or Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Filters, we repair, replace and install all of them.


Pool Fixtures and Cover Repair

The proper care of all pool fixtures is necessary to assure the safe use of a pool or spa. These devices are designed to prevent unintended suction that can cause entrapment, dismemberment or disembowelment, which may lead to a drowning death.


Pool Light Replacement and Repair

We can repair and replace the lights of your pool or spa to maintain their beauty, efficiency , and safe operation.


Our licensed pool repair technicians can repair or replaces all brands of pool equipment. We use the highest quality pool equipment and warranty our work for up to one year. Call for a free quote.