Pool Repair ServiceAs a licensed pool repair contractor, we can repair or replace all brands of pool equipment.

Salt System Conversion and Repair        

A salt chlorine generator consistently adds chlorine to your pool every day. This helps keep pools safe from bacteria and prevents algae from forming in pools vs. a manual chlorine pool that typically only has chlorine added once a week. Additionally, salt has a mild water softening effect on the pool water giving it a smoother silkier feel. 

Have you thought about converting your pool to a salt system?

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Automation System Installation, Service, and Repair 

With an internet connected automation system in control of your pool equipment you can control water temperature, pool lights, deck lights, water features, salt system chlorination levels, pump schedules, and pool valve settings to turn on or off spa water sources all through an internet connected device such as a phone, tablet, desktop computer, PDA, or even Amazon Alexa. 

We install, repair, improve, and replace all major brands of pool/spa automation systems for in ground pool and spa equipment.

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Pump Repair / Variable Speed Pump Upgrades    

Whether your pool uses a single speed, double speed, or variable speed or a Polaris or spa booster pump, we can repair or replace any brand or style of pool pump equipment.

Why are variable speed pumps becoming the default pool equipment?

Variable speed pumps are different because they contain a computer controller that allows people to set schedules and exact speeds for the pump to run. This ability often helps homeowners save substantial amounts of electricity costs that they would have spent on their pool pump.  

Have you thought about upgrading to a variable speed pump for your pool?

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Filter Repair, Replacement, or Upgrades                    

Our licensed pool repair technicians can repair or replace all brands of pool filtration equipment. 

Sand filters used to be the go-to filter for pools, but things have changed. Modern cartridge and D.E. filters can filter pool and spa water vastly better than old sand filter systems.

  • Sand filters – can filter out particles as small as 20 microns in diameter
  • Cartridge filters – can filter out particles as small as 5 microns in diameter
  • D.E. filters – can filter out particles as small as 3 microns in diameter

By comparison a red blood cell is typically between 6 and 8 microns in diameter.

For the clearest pools D.E. is the clear choice.  

Have you thought about upgrading to a cartridge or D.E. filter for your pool?

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Pool Light Replacement and Upgrades

The proliferation of LED (light emitting diode) technology has vastly changed pool lights from the dangerous objects that they used to be. Modern pool lighting equipment is not only safer and protect against electrocution through the use of transformers and GFCI circuit breakers which new codes require to be installed on upgraded lights, modern pool lights can change colors adding a great ambiance to your pool or spa. 

Modern LED pool lights and their colors can also be controlled from your mobile phone through an internet connected automation system.

Additionally, old pool lights used to be 120-volt objects that were a severe safety risk to swimmers had the ability to electrocute swimmers if the seal broke. Modern pool lights are 12-volt lights and are protected by both a transformer which reduces the voltage to non-lethal levels and also are GFCI protected at the circuit breaker.    

Have you thought about upgrading your old light fixtures to LED color changing lights? 

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Pool Heater Repair   

If you rely on a pool heater to keep your pool or spa warm, we can provide repair services to get your water back to the temperature you desire. Whether you have an electric, gas, or solar pool heater, we can keep it operating as efficiently as possible. We patch solar leaks and can replace panels. 

Have you thought about adding a heater system to your pool?

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Leak Detection and Repair  

Our leak detection professionals use advanced microphone, camera, and radio technology to locate leaks in pools, spas, and connected water features and accessories. If you suspect you have a leak in your pool DON’T wait to get it fixed. A leaking pool can add hundreds of dollars to a water bill monthly presenting an urgent need to find and repair the leak or leaks. If you wait you will likely pay more to your water company than you would have to have a leak found and repaired immediately.  

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We also service:

  • Pool Pump Timers
  • Valves and Plumbing
  • Pool Automation
  • Chlorinators and Chlorine Generators
  • Underwater Lights
  • Pool Skimmers, Weirs, and Drains
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners & Robots
  • In-floor Pool Cleaners
  • Pool Ladders and Handrails
  • Tile and Decking

One Year Warranty

All of our pool repair services are guaranteed for up to one year.