Pool AutomationPool Automation

With an internet connected automation system in control of your pool equipment you can control every part of your pool, spa, and water features from any internet connected device including Amazon Echo (with some systems).

Automation Systems are the Central Hub of Pool Control Products 

Many automation systems are also pool equipment electrical sub-panels that house circuit breakers and which gather the electrical components into one box. This organizes and consolidates pool electrical systems making problems less expensive to repair, and upgrades less expensive to install. Automation systems are always a critical component of premium residential pools and can play an important role in ideal management of commercial pools.  

Who is it for?

  • Those wanting the optimum level of pool management, convenience and control.
  • Pools with attached spas.
  • Heated pools (Ideal for AirBnB homeowners that don’t want guests changing pool heater settings).
  • Pools with water features or complex lighting.
  • Any complex or additional features above a simple single body of water is best managed via an automation system.

Why a Pool Automation system?

Automation systems are also an alternative to extensive electrical wiring. Rather than having to hire an electrician to wire several products to several switches inside your home AND have them wire a sub-panel outside for multiple circuit breakers and multiple timers, ONE combined automation system and sub-panel can be installed that vastly simplifies the wiring and troubleshooting of pool equipment. They are quite simply the best way to manage your pool.   


Automation System Products We Install and Service

We are proud to install and service pool automaton products from all major trade grade manufacturers, including Jandy, Pentair and Hayward.


Jandy Zodiac Fluidra Pool Automation Products

Jandy / Zodiac / Fluidra Automation Products

AquaLink RS:

Comprehensive residential pool and spa controller, is also a pool equipment electrical sub-panel. Compatible with variable speed pumps from other manufacturers including Pentair. Compatible with internet-based smart phone controls or radio frequency PDAs through add-ons.


Very small physical size and footprint. Entry level automation for Zodiac’s companion variable speed pump. 


 AquaLink Pool Automation  Jandy Pool Automation


Pentair Automation Products

Pentair Automation Products


Controls residential stand-alone pools only (No Spas). WiFi connectivity out of the in box. Works with heaters, single and variable speed pumps and 1 light or booster pump.


Comprehensive control for residential pools and spas, is also a pool equipment electrical sub-panel. Controllable through internet connectivity add-on or radio-frequency PDAs.


Comprehensive residential and commercial pool controller.  Scalable to control many pools and spas, multiple bodies of water, is also a pool equipment electrical sub-panel.


Hayward Pool Automation Products



Hayward Automation Products


Residential or Commercial pool and spa controller, can control multiple bodies of water, is also a pool equipment electrical subpanel.


Comprehensive residential, pool and spa combination system controller, is also a pool equipment electrical subpanel.


Residential, pool and spa combination systems. Does not include a pool equipment electrical subpanel.