Automation Systems are the Central Hub of Pool Control Products 

With an internet connected automation system in control of your pool equipment you can control water temperature, pool lights, deck lights, water features, salt system chlorination levels, pump schedules, and pool valve settings to turn on or off spa water sources all through an internet connected device such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can even use smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. 





AquaLink Pool AutomationWho is it for?

• Those wanting the highest levels of convenience. 

• Pools with complex components such as a combined pool/spa system with 2 heaters and an air blower or a booster pump.

• IDEAL for AirBnB homeowners that don’t want guests changing pool heater settings without permission. 




Jandy Pool AutomationWhy a Pool Automation system?

• Automation systems are also an alternative to extensive electrical wiring. Rather than having to hire an electrician to wire several products to several switches inside your home AND have them wire a subpanel outside for multiple circuit breakers and multiple timers, ONE combined automation system and subpanel can be installed that vastly simplifies the wiring and troubleshooting of pool equipment. 

• They are quite simply the best way to manage your pool. 




Automation System Products We Install and Service

We are proud to offer pool automaton products from Jandy/Zodiac, AquaLink RS and IQPump01.