Pool ResurfacingPool Resurfacing

Over time, even the most meticulously maintained pools may require resurfacing to restore their original beauty and functionality.  We over expert solution for pool resurfacing that will revitalize your backyard paradise. 

At Gulf Coast Pool Pros, we specialize in providing top-quality pool resurfacing that will enhance the beauty of your pool and ensure its longevity and functionality.


Types of Pool Resurfacing Materials:

Quartz Pool ResurfacingQuartz Resurfacing

This is the traditional pool surface. It is a mixture of plaster, quartz crystals, dyes and potentially other additives designed to improve the appeal and texture and lifespan of the surface. A typical quartz surface lifespan is around 10 years. 


Exposed Aggregate Pool ResurfacingExposed Aggregate Resurfacing

Exposed aggregate pool surfaces contain much larger rock, pebble, glass and other additives which when installed properly create a protective barrier for the plaster mix. These larger rocks and pebbles are the exposed aggregated rock surface, and the plaster sits primarily behind this as the adhesive for the surface. Exposed aggregates when installed properly have a longer lifespan with some manufacturers offering a limited lifetime warranty. 

Note: any pool whose pH and calcium is not kept in line, will erode any surface regardless of the materials of construction.


Why is Pool Resurfacing Necessary?

TPool Resurfacinghe tropical climate of Florida, characterized by high temperatures, humidity, and abundant sunshine, can be harsh on pool surfaces. Over time, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, fluctuating water chemistry, and wear and tear can cause significant damage to the pool's interior finish. Common signs of deterioration include chipped or cracked surfaces, discoloration, rough texture, and loss of water tightness. Besides aesthetic concerns, these issues can compromise the pool's structural integrity and pose safety hazards. Hence, timely pool resurfacing becomes crucial to ensure its longevity and maintain a safe environment for swimmers.

Investing in professional pool resurfacing by Gulf Coast Pool Pros is a smart decision to restore your pool's beauty, functionality, and safety.