While maintaining your pool or spa will assure it’s ready to use when you want it, you will also enjoy longer equipment life and the confidence everything is operating safely.

We offer a range of pool maintenance services to keep your pool equipment operating properly and make pool ownership as stress-free as possible.

Pool Automation

How would you like to control your pool and spa from your mobile phone? 

A pool automation system integrates all pool equipment into one control system. You can then control the water temperature, pump modes and lightning of your pool or spa with your mobile phone or touch screen control panel. These advanced systems operate through wireless and/or wired connection Set it up once and forget it, automation adds simplicity to pool systems especially when homes have pool and spa combos and salt systems. 

Salt Pool Conversions

A “salt pool” or a “salt system” is a tool that can be added to the plumbing of a pool that will transform salt in the water into chlorine, thus adding chlorine to the pool every time the pump runs. This removes the need for chlorine to be regularly added to the pool and can do a vastly better job at controlling algae in the hot Florida weather than traditional pools where chlorine is added once weekly by a pool service or periodically by a homeowner. 

Adding a salt system to your pool can take a lot of the urgency out of adding chlorine to your home pool and can ultimately prevent those wide swings of chlorine in your home pool that occur when adding chemicals only once a week.  

Pool Heaters

It may not snow here but it still gets cold in Florida. Cold enough that most public pools close for the winter months. But your home pool doesn’t have to close seasonally. With the right heater solution your pool can stay open year-round. We sell the top-rated Pool Heaters, Heat Pumps, and Gas Heaters in the industry. Pool heaters are especially important for homes with pool-spa combos. 

Additionally, with the use of an automation system pool and spa temperatures can be set via a thermostat and maintained and alternated between these different heat settings by the push of a button from your mobile phone or other control device.  

Energy Efficient Pool Equipment

Advancements in pool equipment technology has made them more efficient. LED bulbs are far more energy efficient than older style incandescent light bulbs for pool lighting. Variable speed pool pumps are much more energy efficient than older single speed pool pumps. Digital pool timers and automation provide better control over the operation of your entire system. If you are considering replacing any old parts on your pool system, we highly recommend a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the features and benefits of these new components that can help you save money and have better control over your pool. Many of the systems we offer pay for themselves within the first couple years of use.