Pool and Spa Pump RepairPump Repair

Whether your pool uses a single speed, double speed, or variable speed or a Polaris or spa booster pump, we can repair or replace any brand or style of pool pump equipment.

Variable Speed Pump Upgrades

Why are variable speed pumps becoming the default pool equipment?

Variable speed pumps are different because they contain a computer controller that allows people to set schedules and exact speeds for the pump to run. This ability often helps homeowners save substantial amounts of electricity costs that they would have spent on their pool pump. 

Pool Pump Savings Calculator


Use this calculator to find out how much money a variable speed pump could save YOU today. 

Single and Double-Speed Pump Repair or Replacement

For homeowners or commercial entities who are not ready to upgrade to a variable speed pump, we offer like for like replacement and repair services of single and double speed pumps. We service all brands.

Call today for a quote on your specific equipment.